eLabFTW LMS Hosting

eLabFTW is an electronic lab notebook manager for research teams. It also features a database where you can store any kind of objects (think antibodies, plasmids, cell lines, boxes, etc…) It is accessed via the browser by the users.



  • free (as in speech)
  • multi-platform (server or client)
  • web based (no install necessary on client)
  • multiple teams
  • quick search + advanced search
  • git deployment
  • docker image available


  • custom status
  • visibility setting
  • rich wysiwyg editor (or write in Markdown)
  • insert images into text
  • upload multiple files
  • steps list
  • duplicate experiments
  • export as pdf
  • export/import as zip archive
  • general default experiment template
  • user templates
  • export/import user templates to files
  • lock the experiment
  • tags
  • join any type of file
  • attached mol files will display the molecule in the thumbnail
  • link with database items
  • molecule drawer (optional)
  • molecular structure files are previewed
  • user groups to restrict read access among a team
  • doodle canvas


  • import from spreadsheet files
  • export/import zip archives
  • import items from Excel file
  • custom type of items with templates
  • same features as experiments
  • rating system
  • see all experiments linked with this item
  • molecule drawer (optional)


  • formkeys
  • secure headers
  • secure base image
  • secure php config
  • anti bruteforce system
  • log system
  • secure storage of password (salted sha512)
  • secure password reset mechanism
  • option for new account admin validation

Intellectual property

  • timestamping of experiments (pdf export)
  • RFC 3161 compliant Trusted Time-stamping
  • allow or not users to delete experiments
  • revisions system to see history
  • attached files are sha256summed and thus timestamped with the experiment

Version : 1.8.5

Last Release Date: 24-05-2018

Rating: (1.67 Out of 5) from 3 Votes.

Size: 125 MB

Try the demonstration: Demo

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