Are there any long term contracts? Can I cancel at anytime?

I need to install a third party source LMS using wordpress. Is this possible?

What payment options do you offer?

What is cPanel?

Can I keep my edu domain name if I decide to no longer host with your company?

How long will it take to receive my LMS hosting account after payment?

Does my hosting account include 24/7 support?

Do you offer secure SSL certificates that can be used for e-commerce LMS?

Can you provide both LMS design and hosting services?

Can I upgrade/downgrade my hosting account?

Are there any hidden costs?


How can I add an activity in Moodle as a SCORM Package?

Will my LMS be responsive to mobile smart phones and mini-pad / tablet computers?

I need support for my LMS installation. How do I access support?

Do you offer any marketing services for my LMS? How can I market my new LMS?

I already have a LMS that needs updating, can you help?

How do I automatically install my LMS?

How do I update my LMS?

Do you offer customization’s to existing LMS themes?

Do I need a database for my LMS?

Do I get an email address associated with my new LMS website?

Can I set up and fully manage my own LMS account?

Are there any LMS theme templates available for different designs?

Are the LMS systems offered through your hosting free?


What type of support do you offer?