openSIS is a commercial grade, secure, scalable & intuitive Student Information System from OS4ED. openSIS is a new paradigm in student management software – it is all about the student. openSIS focuses on capturing relevant data at source and helps administration to monitor progress and remediate deficiencies to retain students and increase their achievements.

All Features

Student Demographics

openSIS enables the tracking of numerous student demographic attributes in a permanent record and across enrollments. Need something not included in the base installation? Use our custom categories and fields that allow you to easily create numerous custom fields to capture your specific data needs.


Enrollment Information

Yearly enrollment records are captured and aggregated in one screen. As a student gets promoted, dropped or transferred from one school to the other within the district, a line item is added providing administrators a comprehensive enrollment history.

The rolling/retention options switch is used to mark whether the student will be promoted, retained or not enrolled in the next school year.

Address & Contact Information

Add any number of parents, relatives and legal guardians and capture detailed contact information on each. Added contacts get automatically associated with the student with optional access to the parent portal. Unlimited relationships can be defined and maintained.

Medical Records

openSIS provides the ability to capture vaccinations, disease information, nurse visits, allergies, physician contact information and more to be part of the student record. If the default fields are inadequate, easily add new custom fields to meet your specific needs without programming.


A free form text area is provided to write comments about the selected students that can be used to express opinions or as guidance for other teachers or administrators.

Goals & Progresses

Student’s performance is slumping? Set innumerable defined goals with brief descriptions and track the progress at a regular interval and record the improvements. Easily create a report of the goals and progresses and take it to the parent-teacher meeting for meaningful conversation. This feature can be used for IEP tracking.


openSIS allows uploading of unlimited documents to make it part of the student record.


The internal messaging feature allows students, teachers, parents as well as the administrators to communicate within the openSIS system. It behaves like an email except the discussion thread stays within the application. Messages are real-time and are stored in the database.


openSIS provides multiple ways of scheduling students into the system. For walk-in students, a single student is scheduled into multiple available course sections in a few clicks. For group scheduling, multiple students are searched and selected and scheduled into one or more course sections in one shot.

Students and parents can request course registration and administrators can do the same on behalf of the student. Once all the requests are aggregated, an automated scheduling tool can schedule any number of students into the available course sections.You can make multiple schedule runs as you make adjustments and have multiple schedules within a school.


By period, by day, with comments and all accomplished with a only a few clicks. Customize attendance codes to meet your specific needs. Easily check attendance by using our built-in reports. Student show up late and you need to change their record? Easily done if you have the access rights.


The gradebook allows teachers to enter homework assignments, class tests and any other intra-class activity using weighted scales, if desired. Automated tallying of grades & reports, rectifying erroneously entered grades and advanced ad hoc reporting, simplifies the final grading system with great efficacy.

Reports/Report Designer

Report Designer lets you design customized advanced reports for students using simple check boxes and are output to HTML format for easy viewing and printing. openSIS uses MySQL, a relational database that is widely used, plus it is open to use any industry standard reporting tool to create custom reports.

Report Cards

Easily input final grades, create student report cards and calculate GPA’s and class rankings. Change a final grade that will affect GPA or class ranking? Simply recalculate GPA’s using the built in function in openSIS. Print one report card, all report cards or anywhere in between with the flexibility of openSIS


Transcripts are an important report that high school and college students require. openSIS creates easy to read transcripts detailing the grades, GP points, credit hours attempted, credit hours earned, term and cumulative GPA. Report is output in HTML format so that it can be saved in different formats and printed on plain paper or pre-printed stock with institution logo.

Parent Portal

Are you paying for SASI Parent Connect? EdLine? Why? openSIS includes a parent portal that allows parents to see their child’s demographics, grades, attendance, discipline and more, using the same intuitive web interface; it is part of the base solution, and is free.

User Customizable Preferences

Don’t like the color? Want to get rid of some fields that you don’t use? Easily customize your preferences to suit your needs and likes. It is all easily done with a few simple mouse clicks.

User Permission

Control access level for each user profile with selection option in a simple checklist format. It provides easy and granular authorization for users within the system.

End-of-the-Year Processing (Rollover)

End-of-the-year-processing can be tedious and scary that often require manual intervention. openSIS provides an easy and convenient way to prepare your school for operation in the next school year. In one click and in a few minutes your system will be rolled over, automatically, saving you time and headache.

Class Portal – Teacher Web Pages

Teacher pages provide teachers an easy way of creating their own website to communicate with students and parents. These pages are teacher centric and captures class and teacher specific information that facilitate effective communication. Some common uses are About the Teacher, Teacher Contact, Supply List, Birthday List, Syllabus, Home Work Pages etc.

Ripples – Twitter Like Micro-Blogging

Ripples is a private Twitter-like micro-blogging service that facilitates communication and co-operation amongst teachers, students, parents and administration in a particular course period. Instead of endless emails and other forms of communication, teacher-student-parent-admin communication is real-time and context sensitive and are maintained as easily readable discussion threads.

Lesson Plan Library

Teachers can create personal Lesson Plan library that they can reuse over time. Lesson plans can be attached to calendar days so that students and parents can view it by the day and download it for their reference. These plans follow a base standard created by the school and can be customized by teachers as per their requirements.

Common Core Standards

The Common Core State Standards Initiative is a state-led effort that established a single set of clear educational standards for kindergarten through 12th grade in English language arts and mathematics that states voluntarily adopt. The standards are designed to ensure that students graduating from high school are prepared to enter credit bearing entry courses in two or four year college programs or enter the workforce.

These standards are now pre loaded into the system so that teachers can grade students using the standards in one click. This is in addition to the school specific standards that are defined either by a teacher or by the administration.


Discipline module lets educators document and track disciplinary incidents, maintain related records, notify parents of infractions, and produce reports and referral forms.

It comes with default fields and values that can be customized for each school. Custom fields can be added without a single line of coding. This module comes with impressive charts and graphs that help school administration in decision making.

Ideal for schools of all sizes and grade levels, the module is packed with features that help you efficiently handle discipline-related tasks. Built in standard reports enable fast and easy access to discipline events for teachers and staff.

EasyCom – Integrated communication system

School closing? Weather alert? Important announcements? Crisis situation? Quickly and easily notify teachers, staff, parents and even students using our EasyCom module. Send messages to all subscribers, single users, a specific school, parents and custom groups easily from our intuitive interface. Track messages using our built in audit trail. Subscriber message selection enables your users to choose which messages they want to receive and how.

Library Services

Library module has been built from ground up and is part of openSIS Pro. It is not a third party software that was integrated. Therefore, it provides greater performance and uniform user experience. It supports Acquisition, Cataloging and Circulation. It can be used to track books, CD/DVD/Software and equipments. Students, teachers and staff can reserve books and equipments online and pick them up in person. Bar code support is available. There are several useful reports that would help the school administration with purchase decisions.

Student Billing

Billing module is designed for simple financial accounting for private and public schools. It’s ideal for tracking lunch money, library fees, yearbook fees, laboratory fees etc. When a student has an outstanding balance, parents get notification in parent portal.

The module can be integrated with Paypal, or similar credit card processing networks for credit card acceptance.

State Reporting

The State Reporting module for openSIS continues to demonstrate our commitment to providing our clients with the best open source student information system in the market. The State Reporting module is a client specific module requiring a custom services engagement to customize the module to comply with your state’s specific reporting requirements. Specifically, the State Reporting module allows schools to:

  • Collect the required data to comply with state reporting requirements;
  • Easily generate data exports using the built-in openSIS data extraction tool;
  • Build data outputs for submission to state departments of education;
  • Generate validation reports for school administrators to review prior to file submission;

In addition to enabling schools to comply with state reporting, the State Reporting modules includes a robust Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) application that can be used to extract openSIS data and automatically load it into other programs such as Special Education applications, library applications, accounting applications and more.

The State Reporting module is included free in the custom services engagement and an additional annual maintenance fee is required. Annual maintenance that ensures you receive all upgrades and modifications free of charge and that changes made in reporting requirements are incorporated yearly. As with all of our modules, you receive all of the source code in the event that you would like to modify it yourself. openSIS modules are not provided under the GPL license.

openSIS + Moodle

openSIS is bi-directionally integrated with Moodle LMS in the code level using REST-API specifications. It supports Moodle versions 1.9 thru 2.8.x


The two applications are integrated in the following areas:

Users » When a new student, teacher or staff is created in openSIS , they are automatically created in Moodle. For existing users, there is a check box option and when it is checked, the user gets created in Moodle.

Course Manager » openSIS courses are divided into three levels. Subject, Course and Course Period. We have provided the ability to synchronize each level into Moodle as it is created.

Student Schedule » In openSIS, when students are scheduled in a class period that also exist in Moodle, all students are automatically synchronized in Moodle with proper authentication. Students get access to that class and all its contents. The teacher who is teaching the class gets to see all those students enrolled in the Moodle course. The system even creates the calendar weeks in Moodle based on the begin and end dates of the marking period (in openSIS) in which the course period is offered.

Teacher Grade Book »When a Course period is created in openSIS with the option to create in Moodle, a default Assignment category called Moodle is created within the openSIS Grade book This category synchronizes Teacher activities from Moodle in the form of Assignments, Lessons and Quizzes. All grades given in Moodle gets automatically pulled into openSIS.

In openSIS, a Teacher can look at progress report that will show grades from openSIS and Moodle. When the final grades are created for report cards, there is an option to import grade book grades. When you do so, your Moodle grades get factored in. Therefore, if you are using Moodle for graded assignments, you can combine the grades in openSIS and Moodle to give the student a combined grade.

Alternately, if a Teacher wants to exclude the grades from Moodle, he/she can put an asterisk (*) in the assignment to exclude it from the calculation.

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