Xerte Online Toolkits is a server-based suite of tools for content authors. Elearning materials can be authored quickly and easily using browser-based tools, with no programming required. Xerte Online Toolkits is aimed at content authors, who will assemble content using simple wizards.



For Quality Managers


Easy for non-technical staff to create good e-learning resources opening up opportunities for new types of learning (eg distance learning or blended learning).


Encourage staff teams to share and adapt resources, improving overall quality and fostering a culture of sharing. Xerte resources can be co-created online by staff on different sites. Resources can be instantly “gifted” to other staff and easily adapted to suit different audiences.


Xerte integrates with existing tools and practices. Online quizzes, favourite websites, google docs etc can be embedded in Xerte pages. PowerPoints and Word documents can be uploaded and linked to any page. Embed existing collaborative tools into any Xerte resource to get the best of both worlds.


Xerte helps meet accessibility/inclusion policies in a practical way.


Encourage mobile learning with the mobile-friendly HTML5 export and export feeds to allow learners to subscribe to tutor content. Open source code allows institutional branding and development of new page types to meet local needs.

For Tutors


Rapidly create quality interactive learning resources or get learners creating for each other. Go beyond PowerPoint with a range of easy to create interactivities.


Already use YouTube videos? Embed them in Xerte pages and add a reflective quiz.
Got some great PowerPoints? Upload to the media store and link to them.
Got a favourite website for teaching? Or a great collaboration tool? Embed it in a Xerte page to give it context and add a quiz at the end.

Get flexible

Use Xerte objects online or export and use offline where connectivity is limited.

Put together different page types for different pedagogical purposes – eg presenting information, exploring alternative viewpoints, assessing understanding or providing open ended explorations.

Co-create learning resources remotely. Share and adapt resources between colleagues or institutions.

Mobile friendly – html5 export works on a range of smartphones and tablet devices.

Set more quizzes but do less marking – create self-marking quizzes so learners can self-test with instant feedback.

Instant online – click Publish and set the object property to Public and your learning resource is viewable on the web at the url supplied.

For IT teams

Standards compliant

Xerte toolkits is html5 based – staff (or learners) can create and consume content on a wide range of devices whatever your technology infrastructure. It is also SCORM compliant.


Active support is available from a responsive community of developers and experts who are actively engaged on extending Xerte’s capabilities.


Being open source, Xerte toolkits can be adapted to suit institutional needs or corporate badging.


Xerte integrates well with Moodle. Staff can use their Moodle accounts for authentication or embed Xerte objects within Moodle. Xerte can also easily embed other tools within it’s pages. It can embed streaming media or online quizzes or link to other formats (Word, PowerPoint, PDF etc) online. It allows you the best of all worlds.


Xerte makes it easy to assign any resource to an Open Courseware feed and a range of built-in RSS export options make the most of opportunities to push learning resources to learners.

For Disability teams


The output from Xerte toolkits interoperates with a wide range of assistive technologies, allows users to personalise their view using browser settings and supports learners on mobile devices.


Xerte is based on HTML5 so it works through most modern browsers including phones and tablets. This means users can take advantage of the inbuilt accessibility in their phones and tablets. Xerte is compatible with TalkBack on Android devices and VoiceOver on Apple devices meaning learners can listen to content instead of reading it. Please note, browsers on mobile devices vary in terms of the accessibility built into them. The Chrome browser performs well but the native browser with Galaxy Tab devices needs to be switched to Reading mode before TalkBack can read out content.

Media rich

Xerte toolkits makes it easy for teaching staff to reduce barriers for print impaired learners. Even tutors with limited technical skills can assemble media-rich learning resources that don’t rely on text alone. The ability to embed video in many different page types opens up the possibility of sign-supported video in your resources.


A range of navigator templates make it easy to break down dense or complex information into smaller chunks so learners can see where different ideas fit in the bigger picture.

Self checking

Tutors can easily create a range of interactive quizzes allowing learners to test their understanding as they learn.

Assistive technology

The screenreader accessibility of the latest Xerte Toolkits was tested at an early stage of development with JAWS, NVDA and SuperNova. The results were included in the inbuilt accessibility guidance (accessed through the Colour Changer button). Accessibility is being retested from December 2015 to check that ongoing code changes don’t have unintended consequences.

Try the demonstration: Demo